Help 4 Youths by School Counselors and other Puyallup services

Welcome to Help4Youth.net.  We are a resource guide for the City of Puyallup Washington.  If you’re here, you probably are looking for youth assistance or because you’re alone and may need help or just someone to talk to.  That is great news because that is exactly what our website is about.  You’re taking a big step into the right direction by reaching out and getting the help you need.  All references discussed on this website are available – just ask.

If you’re in school that often is the best place to start.  You can speak with a professional anytime at school so just request to talk to someone.  Speaking with a professional, counselor, or school therapist is highly recommended.  They are all professionals and do this for a living so take advantage of that.  You’re not alone and it’s their job to help you with whatever you wish to discuss in private.  In the Puyallup School District, they have several student counselors most of which are at the school location during the day.  On the Puyallup School District you can search by school and find a list of counselors for that particular school.

If you’re not a student or simply don’t want to use the free or student services, you can speak with a fee based counselor or therapist.  We have several listed on our website but using the Puyallup Yelp directory under Psychologist is also an option.  You may ask your doctor if you’re unsure or simply want advice on the subject.  After you found the best option, give them a call to discuss the fee/s.  Lastly, discuss the best day and/or time to schedule your first appointment.